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Dear Physician:
Thank you for visiting Aapex Pharmacy’s website. We serve physicians all over the US offering discounted and very affordable pricing on all prescription drugs, to both insured and un-insured patients. These savings directly contribute to patient compliance.

We accept most major insurances and are also authorized Durable Medical Equipment supplier.

We have referenced specialty areas (INDICATED ON THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN OF PAGE) of particular interest to you.

  • Our pharmacists are also available to compound any special medications.

  • We are also a great source for meds for office use.

  • We hope you will find this tool to be convenient and useful.

  • Please call us at 1- 800-314-6499 for further assistance.

For your convenience, the following forms are available to be downloaded. These forms are in PDF format. Please fill the printed form and return by fax to 713-988-3227, so we may begin sending supplies to your patient.



“When patients don’t take their prescribed medications, they often get sicker. The high cost of drugs makes them cost prohibitive to many people. Generic drugs cost significantly less than branded drugs. Putting these three well-established facts together leads some researchers to believe that the availability of generics may positively affect patient compliance.”
DRUG TOPICS (April 2005 issue)

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