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The new QuickTek™ Blood Glucose System is easy-to-use and requires only two steps to obtain results. Since QuickTek requires a small sample of only 3.5ÁL, blood glucose testing is more convenient. The QuickTek has a 250-test memory - test results are stored with time and date stamp. Results can be downloaded to a PC for tracking of lifestyle trends and better diabetes management.

QuickTek Test Strip
  • Comfortably sized, sturdy test strip for easy handling
  • Highly absorbent
  • Small sample required for fast, accurate testing
  • Obvious target area makes it easy to see where to apply the sample

      Features and Benefits of the QuickTek System

  • Fast, Accurate Results
  • 250 Test Result Memory with Time and Date Stamp 
  • PC Download Capability
  • Large, Sturdy Test Strips for Easy Handling
  • Wide Test Range - 20-600 mg/dL
  • Compact Meter
Product Product # Price
QuickTek Blood Glucose Monitoring System 331100 $15.00
QuickTek Blood Glucose Test Strips 50 ct. 330050 $25.00
QuickTek Blood Glucose Test Strips 100 ct. 330100 $50.00

QuickTek is a registered trademark owned by Hypoguard.

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